AEOR Development LLC
  • Hello, I'm

    Wyatt Greenway
    Engineer Extraordinaire.

    Starting his first mission at the age of five to understand the inner-workings of video games, Wyatt has since come a long way in his epic 33 year journey.

    With an estimated 34,000 hours of intense and dedicated training behind the screen, he is no stranger to computers. Wielding skills such as Deep Security Expertise, Out of the Box Thinking, Tenacious Defiance Against All Odds, and a Buttered-Spuds Identity that runs deep enough to fool any passer-by to his true powers.

    If you're on a mission, he's your agent, and you won't be disappointed by the results.
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Wyatt Greenway founded his alias, AEOR Development LLC, in 2022 to serve a mission: To prove that engineering can be an art; an art in which the artist embeds his whole being into his creation.

When AEOR Development collaboratively engages in bringing your dream to life, our goal is to create a masterpiece, and dutifully complete our mission to brighten your day.

33 passionate years of experience in software engineering & problem solving.

A Major Ally

Don't concern yourself with if the job can get done. Instead, concern yourself with how good it will feel when the job is done so well you can't stop smiling .

AEOR Development offers a wide and deep set of skills and is ready to tackle any project. From the web, to AI, to game engines, to compilers, to embedded devices, to network proxies. Our talents are honed and ready for your needs 🦾

Professional Software Specialists

Fearless Champion Builders

Boundless Experience

Our Latest Work

Recent work includes showcases from clients in cinema, fintech, and SaaS business software. Don't let this humble display fool you though; there are many missions both complete and incomplete that are hidden in the shadows to protect the identity of very important persons.

Enyxus Trading
Reelay Meetings

Salt Lake Film Society

Salt Lake Film Society is the mastermind behind the ArtHouse+ ticketing and streaming platform.

Salt Lake Film Society engaged with AEOR Development for the completion of top-secret missions, highly sensitive data integrations, and masterfully created plans for cinematic domination.

Go ahead, grab some pop-corn and let us entertain you. I assure you, no mind-control devices are in operation: SLFSTIX.ORG

Enyxus Trading

Enyxus FinTech

Over at Enyxus, fincance is not just an art, it is a wonder to behold. Through ingenuity, genius, and no small amount of effort, they have been entirely rethinking trading tools.

AEOR Development is proud to have stood with Enyxus against the odds, busily working to rid the world of the boring dry and hapless competitors in the fintech space. 

But don't take our word for it. Flip your aviators up, and head over to witness a wonder to behold: ENYXUS.COM

Reelay Meetings

Reelay Meetings

Meetings are no small matter in the realm of espionage. That is why Reelay has been redefining the very idea of meetings from the ground up. With super powered Artificial Intelligence being the muscle of the operation, and a white-gloved human touch to top it off, they are no one to mess around with.

AEOR Development assisted with developing this super power Reelay has created, working with their chemists in the lab, and their doctors in the field to ensure all top-secret technology was fully operational and ready to conquer the sad old world of in-person meetings.

If you still feel imprisoned by endless meetings, then let us help you escape, that you might once again enjoy the sunshine on your face: REELAY.COM


Mythix Technologies

No mission is complete without a backup plan. AEOR Development has tediously worked day and night to ensure such a plan. This top-secret plan is code-named "Mythix", named after the mythological Gods it emulates by being mysterious and powerful.

Mythix is a full-stack suite of Node technologies to prove a point: engineering can be an art and still be designed well, be efficient, and be easy to use.

With a zero-tooling mentality, a heavy dose of standards and interoperability, you might be pleased at what you find hiding under the hood of Mythix technologies. With an arsenal including the Mythix app-server framework, the Mythix ORM, and the Mythix UI framework, nothing is standing in your way to victory.

Get in Touch with Us

You can contact me via one of the following options. Please remember to use my alias AEOR Development to protect my secret identity!